Saturday, August 5, 2017

Valuable Information About Christian Church In Fort Lauderdale

By Barbara Ellis

A church is more than just the building. It is the collective body of believers. There are believers all over the world. During judgment, many will come from the nations and enter paradise. The goal of any believer should be preparing for eternal life. Life is short. It is like the flower that blooms in the field. One moment it is there and another moment it has disappeared. Those who are eager about eternity always take time out of their busy schedule and attend a Christian church in Fort Lauderdale. One must never be too busy for spiritual matters.

It is always good to join other believers. Faith is something that is best exercised in the company of others. Where two or more people are gathered, there is a majority. For whatever two or more believers bind, it is bound in heaven. One person will never make a majority. A group of people will easily perform many wonderful things.

The prayers of a congregation will easily be answered. That does not mean that one must never pray alone. Apart from praying alone, one should pray in a group. Congregating can happen any day of the week. Any day is a good day for group prayers and worship. Christianity is not only about Sunday. It is about Monday to Sunday.

Some believers are Catholics while others are Protestants. There are also Seventh Day Adventists. The Adventists might be worshiping on Saturday but their doctrine is still the same as that of other believers. There are many denominations. The differences are few and the similarities are many. A bible believer is a believer irrespective of denomination. What matters is Bible belief.

Baptist denomination is very common in America. This ideology has also spread to other parts of the world. A true Baptist believes in a number of things. First, he believes in the repentance of sin and the leading of a holy life. What is important in the life of a believer is to shun sin. The wages of sin are death.

The service always starts with a word of prayer. By praying, people are preparing their hearts and minds for the service. During the service, one is required to maintain full attention. If possible, an individual should switch off his phone and fully focus on spiritual matters. Praise and worship is an integral part of a service. There will also be the sermon.

The compass of a Christian is the Bible. This has the New and the Old Testament. What is prophesied in Old Testament is fulfilled in the New. The Bible is true and its message is everlasting. Heaven and earth will pass away but not even a single word of the Bible will fail to happen. Studying the Bible is vital.

Christianity has existed for centuries. Times might have changed but the message of Christianity remains the same. The rules of Christian living are laid out by the Ten Commandments that have been listed in Old Testament. It is all about love because that is the most important thing. Without love, nothing else matters. A believer needs to embrace holiness.

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