Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Joining The Mental Health Stand Up Comedian

By Joyce Myers

Stand up. Every person in this world got their own troubles and worries. Even the normal ones. They want to fit in, they like someone to talk to, they love to achieve something in their lives, every people feel the same thing. That is also true to you too. As long as you have the emotion to love and care, you are still a human.

Some forms are easy to handle. Some are not. Do not be too hard to yourself. You are not god. The more you lie to yourself, the more you would be subjected to depression. Surely, some of you might not know the right answer now. However, if there is a chance that you would know it, you might find the world boring and dissatisfying. Every person has a different point of view, though. That also includes you. However, to get rid of your illness, try to connect to the community. Join the Mental Health Stand Up Comedian. Let your voice be heard.

Instead of letting other people treat you as a nuisance, try to change their mind. Crying, being mad, staying angry, they are human attributes. Having such emotions are precious. No matter how genius a certain person can be, they do not have the ability to judge people with mental illness. The brain is very powerful.

Your emotions work the same way too. Your brain and your heart have its own way of protecting you. Right now, they are waiting for your recovery. Therefore, hang in there. Keep your spirit from breaking. Love yourself. Love everything about you. At least, you could still think. You can still feel emotions. There are unique qualities that a normal person should have.

You know that something is wrong. Hold to that. Never run away. That defensive side of yours will certainly get you into problems. Face every difficulty you have. Keep your spirit. Right now, you might be alone. However, moving forward, you would certainly meet good and excellent people, someone who understands you.

Truly, there might be tons of problems that are hard to take and ignore. At the end, their presence might scar your heart. However, you are still alive and breathing. You could escape in the real world as many times as you can. Even so, instead of addressing the issue, what you would get is despair. That is what you will get after running away.

Surely, the case may differ from one person to another. Everyone got their own issues. Some cases are very unique. That is why it is quite wrong to generalize all of them. Regardless of your problems, though, learn to embrace and face them. It might be hard, very hard. However, do not ever give up. You have one hundred years to live.

Speak with those professionals who understand your condition. With their expertise and with your determination, try to bring back the life you have lost. A lot of people are waiting for you. You do not only have your family. As you continue your journey, you will also encounter various individuals who will watch your improvements.

You will find tons of friends. Make it work. Life is indeed short. That is why, right now, human needs to find the reason why they are living. It is not completely useless. There is hope. Hold on to it tightly. Look for something that can inspire you. You could read the bible. Depend on others.

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