Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Security Features Of The New 100$ Notes

By Alxa Roffel

100$ note is currently the largest denomination of United States currency. It has the picture of an renowned or well-known person, sir Benjamin Franklin, who is one among the founding fathers of the United States of America. One the corresponding side of the Bill, one can find the image of the Independence Hall.

It was announced that the 100 bill will be printed and circulated by the February of 2011, but somehow the proposal got reject due to problems in the notes and was postponed later to be circulated from October 2013. The 100$ US currency note is one of the most counterfeited note outside United States and therefore the notes were reprinted after long research to get notes with new security features implied on them.

Often the US currency is referred to the name of the presidents; it is probably the only currency that is named after their president. The 100$ US currency is often referred to as Bens, Benjamins, Franklins, as because the 100$ bill has the face of Benjamin Franklin's and people to refer to their portrait on the bill. The hundred dollar bill is sometime also referred to as "C, as this indicates the roman numeral for the number. The hundred dollar bill is one of the two notes that don't have the face of a president on the note, along with the ten dollar note.

Also it is the only US dollar note available today that doesn't have the picture of a building that is located in the Washington DC, but has the image of the Independence Hall that can be found on the reverse. There is a particular time marked on the clock of the independence hall which is 4:10 on the traditional notes, except 10:30 was printed on a series of notes that were released in 2013.

Despite of the fact that the newly created currency notes did cost a bit higher as compared to the old notes, however the notes had more circulating period and thus it was profitable for the long run. This was also beneficial in other sense, as the 100$ notes were something that was very often counterfeited in comparison to other currency notes in the country. Some counterfeiters were able to create such quality of counterfeit notes that were impossible to detect as fakes, considered as fake notes. However with the availability of the new security features in the notes, it becomes very difficult to replicate them.

It was also found that the image of the Liberty bell in the inkwell also changes as the user views the 100$ note. The new 100$ bill introduced then had the colour shifting ink. As you look through the note, you can find an inkwell at the bottom right of the note, carefully looking at it you can find an image of a green bell inside the copper coloured inkwell present on the front of the bill. Also as you tilt the note, you can observe it changing colour from green to copper, which makes the bell appear and disappear in the inkwell.

A security feature is also put in the copper bell in the inkwell, as you tilt the note the bell change from copper to green. This also gives an effect, which showcases that the bell seems to appear and disappear in the inkwell. It also has a micro printing on the note as an added security feature.

The security features of the new printed notes were discussed for around a decade as the Federal Reserve wanted to have a 100$ US currency that is extremely difficult to counterfeit. Considering the fact that the 100 US dollar currency note is one of the most counterfeited notes outside the country, it was a necessary step. Use of micro printing and Raised printing was also done to add to the security feature of the currency.

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