Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Points On Stories About German Shepherds

By Scott Evans

German shepherds are wonderful animals that go down history books as being the best human-friendly pets. They have numerous impressive qualities, which have made them exponentially popular across the world. They are not only intelligent, but also loyal, fierce, strong, and also very gentle. These are just some of the few qualities of these creatures, just to mention. Though the most pronounced cases are of man saving the lives of these creatures, there are also many touching stories about German shepherds doing extraordinary things, especially to man.

It is important to note that among the most amusing tales of German shepherds, are those of the creatures doing unimaginable, incredible or extraordinary things that are seen as undoable by animals. Many entail these creatures saving lives of not only their real owners or friends, but also of strangers that are in rather risky or life-threatening situations. These creatures, with reference to the tales, have touched the hearts of many a people.

One of most mentionable stories occurred in March 2013, whereby an FBI dog named Ape got shot while in the midst of a frontline mission. This is an example of the unforgettable tales about these dogs. The FBI dog was chasing after a notorious gunman named Kurt Myers, who was culpable for a series of murders in New York. Finally, he was holed up in a deserted bar, whereby an intense and tensed stampede ensued, between the FBI dog, police and the criminal.

The baby jumped into the pool. The dog made incessant alerts by barking, crying, and whining, fearing for the dog. When nobody came to the rescue of the baby who was now drowning, the dog Sasha jumped inside the pool and held her up, so she could now breathe comfortably. Later, the baby was dragged out. Had the dog not came to the rescue of baby then Milena she could have drowned and died.

Another notable story about these creatures is whereby one female dog saved a cancer patient, a Vietnam Veteran who hailed from Port Richey, in Florida. He had been previously diagnosed with Cancer, and one fateful day, his home was in an inferno, in 2014. The cancer patient was completely unaware of the fire situation, but luckily, the one-year old adopted German shepherd was not unaware.

Another fascinating story about these creatures in question is whereby Shannon Lorio was saved by a rather lost dog. It was a heroic story that thrilled people all across the world. Shannon Lorio had suddenly crashed her car and got injured in the process, whereby she ended up with blood oozing from her face. In the course of the accident, she was displaced and ended in the back of the truck.

Noah bravely run inside the car, and in the midst, was hit by a bullet that was directed towards the owner and children inside the car. Even after getting injured, Noah ran after the unorthodox gunman, attempting to catch him, but died in the process.

In conclusion, German shepherds act not only as friends of man, but also protectors who can go out of the way to save lives and alleviate danger. The animals are thus selfless, and can sacrifice their lives in order to ensure the safety and well-being of their beloved owners or even strangers that are in rather risky circumstances.

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