Thursday, July 6, 2017

Is Video Surveillance Orlando, Florida Going Too Far

By Raymond Murray

As technology advances, there has been a lessening of privacy in many aspects of daily life. For the most part people have accepted this trade-off, as there are so many benefits to the tech that watches over us. However, there is a darker side, and this cannot be ignored by those involved in video surveillance Orlando, Florida.

Most of us probably think we have obvious boundaries in our lives, but we can be mistaken. Anyone who pays for a security system that includes cameras inside the home is putting their privacy at risk in a big way. While we hope that only scrupulous people are employed by these companies, the reality is that such a job actually attracts those who might want to watch us outside the rules of their jobs, and most certainly for the wrong reasons.

Retail workers have long accepted the presence of cameras at work, and this seems normal to us now. However, for those of us working in office environments, we might not be so aware of the presence of cameras watching us while we work. The law does support this type of employee supervision, and employers who use it try to be low-key.

When we are customers we know we are on camera, and are generally accepting of that fact. Most of us are even quite all right with the notion of being on video while traversing a dangerous parking lot. However, businesses in more urban areas often have cameras outside their shops, and those who walk such streets daily may not know how often they are being viewed.

One could even accuse this fair city of having a dark underbelly because there are cameras in so many unanticipated places. Only rooms that truly anticipate people disrobing are off-limits to these watchful eyes. If we intend to keep it that way, then many of us might want to become more aware of our being watched with limited consent.

Apartments and condominiums are a common housing variety in this city. Anyone who has a thing for keeping their blinds open to the sun runs the risk of being in view when they are not necessarily expecting to be. This can be a shocking discovery for people who clearly fail to realize just how many of their neighbors have binoculars.

The truth of the matter is that privacy is fading fast in our society, and for those who are not paying attention, they can be taken by surprise by just how often they are being watched. Modern life has gotten many of us all too comfortable with the feeling of eyes upon us. Unless we keep our own eyes open, we just might not notice how many cameras are all around us all the time.

In a city that boasts so many amusement parks and family vacation destinations, residents really do have to accept a lot of the cameras on the streets. This is an obvious means by which children can be kept safe in an environment that might attract pedophiles. However, everyone still has a duty to keep tabs on who is watching and what their purpose might be for doing so.

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